In order to maximise the potential and performance of all Mastervac vacuum cleaners, you must acquire original accessories and spare parts that best suit your needs. The Mastervac accessory range, in fact, can offer all industries the appropriate accessory to carry out cleaning and maintenance operations.
Mastervac accessories are available in various materials: stainless steel, silicone, NBR rubber, aluminium, depending on individual industry requirements, from pharmaceuticals to mechanics.

Mastervac offers accessory kits that are ready to pair with the vacuum cleaner, including reducers, flexible hose, sleeves, and attachments for detail or floor cleaning. However, should the kit not include all the components necessary for a specific type of cleaning, the Mastervac accessory catalogue has alternatives and proposals for accessories to meet every need.

  • Flexible hoses

    Choosing the flexible hose is nearly as important as choosing the vacuum cleaner. Each flexible hose has properties that make it appropriate for specific applications.
  • Separators

    Using a separator paired with a vacuum cleaner increases volume capacity and ensures greater motor protection.