Dilute phase pneumatic transport

A pneumatic transport system can facilitate and improve the transportation of material from one point to another, speeding up the process, eliminating the risk of contamination, and ensuring absolute health and safety in the workplace.

  • Complete system design and customisation

  • Maximum efficiency and safety guaranteed

  • Suitable for transporting fine dust and materials

Range features

To transport lightweight dust, Mastervac offers dilute phase pneumatic transport systems, the ideal solution to ensure rapid dust transportation, including medical dust, cosmetic dust, pharmaceutical dust, chemical dust, or 3D printer dust, as well as for operations such as packaging, distribution on production lines, dosing, and mixing. Dilute phase pneumatic transport works through a large quantity of air flowing inside piping and low water lift, which keeps the small particles of the moving dust suspended, ensuring fluid movement.

This system is particularly indicated for products that do not have granules that must be kept intact; as such, it is not recommended for materials of a certain particle size.
Compared to dense phase systems, a smaller amount of product is transported, considering kg/h values, but dilute phase systems are able to reach even great distances easily and work continuously.