Pneumatic transport

Mastervac pneumatic conveyors are the solution when it is necessary to
move solid or powdery material from one point to another.
Material usually needs to be moved within a production cycle or while the product itself is being packaged: pneumatic conveyors keep the integrity of the product intact, preventing any type of external contamination and completely eliminating product dispersion during handling.
Mastervac pneumatic conveyors, available with electrical or compressed air power supply, can increase productivity by up to 30%, reducing the time needed for material handling and making these processes safer and more efficient.

Their modular structure makes them easy to install on several production machines, occupying the least amount of space and ensuring the utmost performance with no need for routine maintenance.
Flour, grains, pharmaceutical dust, coffee, sugar, and 3D printing powders are just a few examples of materials that the Mastervac pneumatic conveyor can transport: our in-house technical office ensures each product is bespoke and designed to meet every customer’s specific needs.