Mastervac: Our experience at your service


Our customers’ needs are
the foundation of our research goals

Mastervac was born in 1997 with the goal of offering efficient, high-performance solutions in the industrial cleaning sector. Thanks to our worldwide network of specialised distributors, hundreds of manufacturing companies rely daily on the professionality of a vacuum cleaner whose value has earned recognition over the years from our customers’ experience.

Our goal is to give our customers specific solutions that efficiently meet each of their needs, without neglecting a single detail. We have opted for a young dynamic context, which is why we are ready to take on new challenges every day, pairing innovation with twenty-plus years of made-in-Italy experience in the sector.

Mastervac's numbers
74ATEX-certified solutions
24 Years of
30 Worldwide distributors
110 People at
your service
14 Ranges of vacuum cleaners

Focus on a single goal:
industrial vacuuming

We believe the best way to offer our customers efficient solutions is expertise in the industrial vacuuming sector. For over twenty years, our technicians have elaborated and developed multiple vacuum solutions, maximising the results towards a single goal, focusing their expertise, technique, and professionality in order to find the best solution for each customer.


Quality and reliability

Working with a Mastervac vacuum cleaner means being able to count on an efficient, reliable, long-lasting tool. At Mastervac, we have decided to manufacture vacuum cleaners with high-quality components from select suppliers or produced directly in-house. Mastervac vacuum cleaners are made to last, standing up to even the most intense, stressful applications.


Knowing the quality of our products, we offer our customers certified vacuum cleaners that meet the safety and reliability criteria required in many manufacturing sectors. The Mastervac vacuum cleaner range has over 30 vacuum cleaners certified by third-party authorities for use in ATEX zones.

Companies that have chosen to work with us