Vacuum solutions for foundries

Dust build-up in foundry production processes is a risk that can be mitigated using industrial cleaning systems. Departments are cleaned regularly to prevent problems normally found in foundries, such as rust.

Spilt products and discarded materials

Time and money spent to repair systems

Risks for operator health and possible accidents

Interruptions in product supply are inevitable

MHV vacuum cleaners with lobed pump by Mastervac were created with heavy, continuous use in mind

Vacuum cleaners for hot materials and high temperatures

Crucibles, which can resist extremely high temperatures, are containers in which the final metal is poured and require rigorous cleaning to remove any residue that could compromise the next pour. The MHV vacuum cleaner range offers solutions to treat high-temperature materials and incandescent dust, ensuring exceptional cleaning thanks to:

High temperature-resistant filters

Various pre-separators to protect the suction unit

Accessories to vacuum incandescent materials


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Removing dust from the moulds

The sand casting moulds that will be used for the fusion process go through an initial preparation process and shakeout phase. Removing the dust is essential during both phases to prevent:

Traces inside the moulds

Large-scale dispersion of dust in the manufacturing environments

The final product from being poor quality

A vacuuming system (mobile or centralized) with the specific attachments allow any residue to be removed from the mould and sand to be cleaned from under the belts and in the mould breaking zones.
Given the limited space available in the underground tunnels, a centralized system is necessary to quickly recover dust spills.

Solutions for the sandblasting process

The raw piece is sanded via the sandblasting process after shakeout. The piece is sanded and cleaned inside special booths using large amounts of small abrasive materials.
This causes a significant potentially hazardous dispersion of sand in the sanding booths and removing it can be a difficult task.
It is possible to vacuum and reuse the abrasive material, filtering it from the exhausted waste by building a centralized device with vacuum inlets near the booths.

Finishing and cutting

As the final treatment, CNC machines cut and finish the previously sanded piece. CNC machines produce large amounts of chips, making their removal and disposal difficult, in addition to causing interruptions in production cycles in order to clean the machine.
Industrial vacuum cleaners collect the chips from the machine in a continuous flow and transport them to a collection point, where they are emptied into lorries or bins.

MHV range benefits

Continuous routine production maintenance is necessary to prevent future breakdowns, reduce wasted time to a minimum, and prolong component lifespan. There are several advantages to using Mastervac industrial vacuum solutions, including:

Reduced device downtime

Material recuperation and recycling

Significant savings in terms of maintenance costs and time

Operators work in a clean, safe environment

MHV range solutions consist of: a high-performance suction unit with self-cooling lobed pumps that ensure extremely high vacuum and air flow values.
Various types of filters based on the requirement (the filter cleaning mechanism can be timed or semi-assisted and is carried out with a self-cleaning filter shaker or a filter-cleaning solenoid valve in the chambers).
A collection unit, consisting of a tank that can be removed and unloaded from the bottom via a lever-activated wide tilting door or a 1000-litre capacity lower hopper that can be unloaded from the bottom via a manual-command butterfly valve.
Pneumatic actuators or other types of unloading are available.

Support and development

When you choose a Mastervac vacuum solution, you will be working with a specific team specialised in high vacuum solutions, who are able to tailor the solution most suited to every manufacturing environment.