M 280 WD – M 280 WXP



The M280 MD is Mastervac’s best-selling wet and dry vacuum cleaner: 80-liter liquid capacity, filtering dust and residue. The vacuum cleaner is supplied with a two-stage dust filter and an anti-foam liquid filter for all vacuuming needs. Built completely in steel, it is compact and easy to handle. Two single-phase motors guarantee excellent vacuum performance. Liquids can be discharged via the discharge hose located on the back of the vacuum cleaner.

The WXP version can vacuum and discharge liquids simultaneously thanks to the powerful immersed pump.


  • Convenient, practical, and efficient
  • Suitable for all types of liquids, even mixed with solids
  • Option of suctioning and discharging simultaneously, thanks to the immersed pump
  • Discharge hose

  • Vacuum cleaner on wheels

  • For liquids

Technical Features
Voltage (V-Hz) 230-50 1~ 230-50 1~
Power (kW) 2.32.3
Max waterlift (mmH₂O) 25002500
Airflow (mᶟ/h) 360360
Discharge system Discharge hose Immersion pump
ø Suction inlet (mm) 8050
Dry primary filter Bag -
Media, class Dry Nylon-Polyester L -
Surface, diameter Dry (cm²-mm) 8000-420 -
Wet Primary filter Bag Bag
Media, Filtration Wet Polypropylene 300µm Polypropylene 300µm
Surface, diameter Wet (cm²-mm) 8000-420 8000-420
Noise level dB(A) (EN ISO 3744) 7676
Dimensions (cm) 53x59x106h 53x59x106h
Weight (kg) 4050


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